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Covex pharmaceutical - leader in Vinca minor  products

Vinpocetine - Vincamine - Vinburnine

Factory of Covex

Covex is a European chemical and pharmaceutical company, manufacturer of API raw materials, pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements.

Today Covex is the largest manufacturer of Vinca alkaloids (Vinpocetine, Vincamine, Vinburnine), for enhancing memory and other cognitive functions, with competitive prices worldwide.

Covex has been supplying its compositions principally to the pharmaceutical industry for years. Our activity is currently expanding towards the dietary supplements and energy drinks sector.

Covex has developed a unique way of extracting products in advanced chemistry meaning that, today, it can guarantee high quality production at optimum standards able to compete internationally.

As a result of its intensive investment in R&D, Covex owns more than 100 patents in over 100 countries. Covex is leader in the production of the periwinkle family products.

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Covex began modestly in 1977. It was continuously nurtured by research and investment, maintaining a...
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