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All user responses to requests concerning personal data are given voluntarily, with express consent to COVEX, S.A. and are required in order for them to receive information related with COVEX, S.A. via the email address provided by the user.

Likewise, the user guarantees that the personal data submitted to COVEX, S.A. is true, and that he or she is responsible for communicating any modification thereof to COVEX, S.A.

COVEX, S.A., C\ Acero 25, Polígono Industrial Sur, 28770, Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain, informs the users that the personal data obtained through its website can be placed on COVEX, S.A. files in accordance with the legislation in force.

COVEX, S.A. advises that data of a personal nature submitted by users is handled only and exclusively for the purpose of rendering the different services offered on the COVEX, S.A. website, as well as for sending information related with such website or information requested by users.

We shall use the information you have given above to respond to your enquiry or request. Such enquiries and requests are not treated as confidential. Your enquiry or request will be forwarded to an appropriate person within the Covex Group. By submitting your personal information through this website, you shall be consenting to it being processed in the manner described above by the Covex Group

The users may exercise their rights as recognized in the legislation in force, such as: rights related to access, cancellation, rectification and opposition, via email to


Cookies are vital to the functioning of websites. However, despite their many benefits, they have become notorious when shared across different domains. This notice will help you understand the different levels of intrusiveness of the cookies we use, as well as the scenarios under which prior permission will be requested as a condition for their storage.

1. Analytical Cookies

In order to undertake periodic maintenance, and ensure the best user service possible, this website makes use of “analytical” cookies to collect data on activity. The information gathered is always anonymous, making it impossible to establish links between browsing patterns and specific individuals.

Specifically, COVEX.COM stored in the user's terminal "analytical" cookies from Google Analytics. The user can exclude their individual activity through exclusion systems provided by Google Analytics.

2. Internal use cookies

Furthermore, COVEX.COM uses diverse cookies for the maintenance of user sessions and so we can show you the content in your desired language (English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese or Japanese, if not any of these, defaults to the English language).

3. Social Plug-in cookies

Furthermore this website participates in the Twitter, Facebook and Google+ network to facilitate website users in sharing content of interest within their social circles.

4. Cookies used by external plugins content:

This website uses Google Maps to display geographical locations (our offices). Its use implies the transfer of two cookies (PREF and NID) is managed entirely by Google.

5. Third-party cookies for the personalization of advertising spaces

This website does not make use of ad servers or, consequently, cookies linked to these for the creation of profiles based on preferences or behaviour.

6. Additional Guarantees

As an additional guarantee of the aforementioned, the record of our cookies could be subject to the accepting of the cookies by the user during the installation or update of the browser used, and this acceptance may be revoked at any time using the configuration options of the contents and privacy available. 6. List and description of cookies. Levels of Intrusiveness The table that follows outlines the cookies which have been mentioned above, incorporating a criteria for the “level of intrusiveness” on a scale of 1 to 3, in which:

- Level 1: corresponds with internal use cookies necessary for the provision of the basic service solicited by the user.
- Level 2: corresponds with anonymous internal use cookies necessary for the maintenance of content and navigation.
- Level 3: corresponds with cookies managed by third-parties which permit the tracking of the user throughout websites which COVEX.COM does not own. The specification of this level is accompanied by the owner of the data owner.

Cookie Duration Purpose Intrusiveness
PHPSESSID End of browser session Determines the start of session Level 1
__utma 2 years Internal Measurement with Google Analytics Level 2
__utmb 30 min. Internal Measurement with Google Analytics Level 2
__utmc End of browser session Internal Measurement with Google Analytics Level 2
__utmz 6 months Internal Measurement with Google Analytics Level 2
CookieConsetNotShowAgain 10 years It prevents the information window about Cookies, once accepted Level 2
CookieRawMat End of browser session Check that you have clicked on ''Access, I am a health professional'' Level 2

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