Intelectol® Sport
vinpocetine supplement

Intelectol Sport

Intelectol® Sport provides athletes with important components that support mental concentration, maintain stamina, and help recovery after doing exercise.

Vinpocetine improves mental functions, concentration and hemorheological disorders by increasing the levels of oxygen and improving the use of glucose.

Intelectol® Sport combines the benefits of Vinpocetine with those of other key ingredients to help the body obtain energy and alertness while reducing physical fatigue.

It also has a protective effect against oxidative stress, as well as supporting cardiovascular function, and favoring the development and performance of skeletal muscle.



Improves blood circulation, improves anaerobic metabolism (Krebs cycle) of glucose in muscle, has vasodilator effect and helps athletes get maximum concentration. Improves oxygen metabolism, which allows athletes to increase endurance and improves glucose metabolism, which allows athletes have more resistance having extra energy.


It is an energy stimulator, a common ingredient in energy drinks, is effective in improving athletic performance when consumed in low to moderate doses, it is often used as an ingredient in supplements for athletes. Caffeine supplementation is beneficial for high-intensity exercise, including team sports, which are characterized by intermittent activity within a prolonged duration. Caffeine has also proven to be highly effective for trial performance.


L-carnitine is widely distributed and is particularly abundant in muscle. Its main function is to transport long chain fatty acids across the inner mitochondrial membrane. It is frequently used to treat cardiovascular and renal disorders, especially when trying to improve physical performance. It is also used as a "fat burner" in nutritional products for athletes.


Taurine improves metabolic and energy processes and is involved in lipid metabolism is part of bile acids and favors emulsification of fats in the intestine, serves as neuromediator, exerts antioxidant action, stabilizer cell membrane, among others. Is used as a component of dietary supplements and sports supplements (in energy drinks and juices).

Citric acid

Citric acid is widely used in many products where nutrition need to adjust the flavor, color or stabilize pH, prevent oxidation or achieve effervescence.


Theobromine, unlike caffeine, no effect of stimulating the central nervous system, but is effective as a diuretic. Theobromine creates a feeling of well-being, it is not addictive. Thanks to the possibility of theobromine to increase training intensity, can be found in many pre-workout supplements as fat burner stimulants and thermogenic. In any case, theobromine is not only used in sports nutrition, but also at the forefront of medicine.

Finally, theobromine can also be found in lesser concentrations when cocoa used as a flavoring agent and / or flavor in protein-based products such as mixed protein, weight winners or dietary bars.


Helps muscle development, ensure optimal nutrient intake and return on nocturnal muscle growth phase. Retrieves the tired muscle and intoxicated by ammonia by assisting in the removal of this toxic compound through urea (urine). Power collagen synthesis, so that their combination with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and glycine is ideal for regeneration of articular osteo-myo-structures. Increases oxygenation of the heart and tissue by permiting further dilatation of vessels, cardiovascular important aspect both anaerobic and aerobic sports maximum power as behaving as a cardiovascular protective cardiovascular.



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